An unusual path

I started playing Piano at 5, guitar at 13, drums and bass at 15.

I would describe myself as being ‘acceptable for the purposes of recording’ but am no pro/expert/master of any.

I started recording in 2004, high school, starting with FL studio and a cracked version of Cubase SX 3.0.

Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to be an audio engineer and recorded anything I could get my hands on, as well as played in rock and metal bands.

In 2010 I achieved a 2 year diploma in Sound Engineering from the Academy of South Engineering in Johannesburg, South Africa (specializing in music, post production and broadcasting) and became proficient in Pro Tools as well as leading large multi-track recording sessions in SABC studios.

During my first year of college, in 2009, two friends and I created a Pop song that got us signed to an Austrian record label, and subsequently an album deal with Universal Music Germany.

Listen here:

During the making of the album I spent a year and a half working in TV audio doing dubbing and final mix for various shows, some with national prime time slots.

I also mixed and produced local artists (ref 1, ref 2, ref 3) and developed a love for mixing.

I left the band in 2013. Unfortunately, there was no second album as the first album did not seem to gain traction.

This is where my career in audio tapered off and I shifted my career focus to IT (knowing I would circle back to music and audio again in the future). Read more here.

Over the years I have kept somewhat active in my own personal capacity by tinkering with individual songs, or small hobby projects. In the last year, I have started re-establishing myself as a producer/mixer, mainly working with artists remotely.

The present-day

Having moved to Portugal, I had to start building my studio from scratch. I now have a simple, yet effective production and mixing setup. I plan to increase my gear investment exponentially.