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Elevate your music with my comprehensive Remixing and Arrangement service, thoughtfully priced at €400, VAT/IVA included. This offering is precisely tailored for artists in Portugal and across Europe, who have a well-recorded demo or song that’s crying out for that extra layer of polish and innovation only a seasoned producer and mixer can provide.


Elevate your music with my Remixing and Arrangement service, priced thoughtfully at €400, VAT/IVA included. Designed for artists in Portugal and across Europe, this service targets those with well-recorded demos or songs that need that extra spark only a seasoned producer and mixer can ignite.

Here’s the essence of the service:

  1. Creative Arrangement Revisions: I dive into your track, reassembling it with fresh ears. My experience helps pinpoint exactly what shifts will elevate your song’s impact. Working closely with you, I aim to redefine its structure, boost sonic qualities, and enhance overall production value. The goal is to align the final product with your vision, surprising you with its depth and dynamism.
  2. Expert Mixing: I blend precision with creativity in mixing, ensuring every song layer finds its perfect spot. This process, where technical skill meets artistry, results in a polished, emotionally resonant sound. It’s ready to connect with listeners and make an impact in today’s music scene.
  3. Mastering (Optional): I offer this final polish to make your track competitive on any platform, ensuring industry standards for loudness, clarity, and presence. Included in the price, it guarantees your music leaves my studio ready for global listeners.

This service, tailored for the discerning European artist, is a collaboration aimed at uncovering and amplifying your music’s true essence. With years of experience in sound and production, I guide your project to its highest potential.

Let’s make your music unforgettable.


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